31 August 2009

WALL OF TEXT, and some pictures!

Oh, haven't updated in quite some time.
But, don't think I've been lazy! Au contraire!
I've done a hellalot. Or atleast some stuff.
I had a real powerday last monday, dropped my laptop in for service, went to the dentist (I have fab teeth, btw.), and went to the optician! Got myself a year supply of lenses, and a new pair of glasses!
The glasses haven't arrived yet though, but I'm expecting them to come anyday now, and I will surely show them off!
They're like a newer and a bit more modern version of my old blackrimmed nerd-glasses.

My homeboy came here too, so surely I've had my bit of slacking,
but being with him is a fulltime job sometimes, I've made so much Club Sandwiches this week I don't know when I'll be able to look at one again without feeling fatigue. My mother made club sandwiches the day he arrived, and he fell in INSTALOVE, so I've mastered the art of Sandwich making now.

We went to see a swedish hiphop act Saturday, that were playing here, and that night was insane.
It involved a really drunk finnish man, some even drunker skinheads, some policemen, afterparty with the "Band"(do you call hiphopduos a band?), and being seriously afraid of one of their crewmembers, a big black guy that constantly hit on me. Damn.
Good times.

In the spirit of DOING stuff, I'm chilling now, and started doing bracelets.
Need to get some more of them, I seriously blacked out for a moment, and ended up with 12 bags, but.. there's.. so.. much.. more...

PEARLS! PEARLS! I adore the little keys!

Ah, dice-pearls! <3

O btw, it's just 27 days left until Japan now. Yeah man!

20 August 2009

Sweet tooth

Tonight, more people came to visit,
this time, they had brought cake!
(Lots of people come to visit and give mom and her husband gifts, since they are newlyweds.)

So, mom took out the fancy china and we drank coffee and ate cake!
Problem is, mom's husband, Lasse, is a diabetic.
Of course the guests had made sure to bring some sugarfree goodies for him,
but it wouldn't stop him from forcing me to eat cake!
I had already eaten two donuts wich he had bought for me,
so having to eat all that cake just.. Wow.. My tummy hurts so much right now.

19 August 2009

Ground control to Major Tom

Was supposed to go to mom's house today (we're at her husbands house now),
but it was put on hold. I was really looking forward to go there!
But we're going Friday instead,
and in a try to makeup for canceling, mom took me to a confectioner and bought me a .. cake.. thing.

So, in other news, I guess I'll just sit around, watching Supernatural and listening to Bowie.
Ah, Supernatural. Another TV-show I'm horribly late at catching on to.
Lost, a show that.. well, everybody hypes, it started like 6 years ago, no?
I started watching it this year. Heroes, same there.
I'm just horrible at keeping up with tv.

17 August 2009

Money money money

I'm in a small village in the north of Sweden, visiting my mother and her husband.
Usually I get really tired of this place, and really fast, but for some reason that isn't happening this time.
I've been here for about 4 days, and I'm still not clawing the walls and wanting to get out of here!

It's really good for my economy, though!
I don't pay for anything, cigarettes, booze, food, and other stuff I want/need, they buy it for me.
Also, since drinking beer is a very popular thing to do in your free time here,
there's a LOT of cans! And, well, here in sweden, you recycle them and get money back(I was surprised to learn that sweden is one of the few countries that have that system.).
So, I've "pantat"(recycled for money) about 600 cans yet, wich has given me about 300SEK(roughly 4000yen), and tomorrow I'll do the last sacks of cans, which will give me a total of about 600SEK(~7000yen).
Not bad for like, half an hour of work, spread out on 5 days!

15 August 2009

Wah! 27th it is!

So, the planetickets are booked.
the 27th of September, we're going!
Insane, it's so soon!

Can't wait, however. I'm honestly sitting on my hands because I'm so excited I feel like dancing around 24/7.

11 August 2009


Today.. this one came

I'm so in love I have no words <3 It was a real catch, too! It's a MILK bag, brandnew, with tags, retailprice: ~9500yen! I got it for a little less than 2000yen incl. shipping! I thought it'd be much smaller, but it's so big and roomy!

Me <3 Bag.

08 August 2009

Leaders of tomorrow!

I'm a procrastinator, I really am.
And now, I've found a new thing to waste my time on!

Short anime episodes, about a kitten..

I'm really supposed to be cleaning, or atleast sleeping, so I can get up early and clean tomorrow.
But oh no, more tea, and more kitties!

Keeping up apperances~

Yesterday I went to score some glue!
Eh, glue for applying false eyelashes, that is!
Bought some individual lashes too, to apply on the lower lashline~

I really liked how it came out!

Today, I bought a skirt~
I already have this skirt, but in pink, but I love it so much!
And nothing beats shopping when stuff aren't working out for you!

It isn't the style I usually go for(I'm all for miniskirts), since it's like down to your knee, but it's so comfy & pretty!

I guess my next thing to get is a pair of shoes or something.

07 August 2009

Nails, 'n.. stuff!

The X-files still haven't started. (It's airing laate)

Picture of my nails for the hell of it!
I like them!
They're nothing special, but still awesome.
The awesomeness doesn't shine trough the photo, though,
in real life they're alot more glittery and stuff, lilac x pink~

I really want to get some new nails, and new extensions, but I've putten all that on hold until Japan, I mean, what's the point of pouring out a lot of money on doing it here in sweden(by yourself), when you can get it a 100times better and cuter in Japan, for cheaper, and at a salon?

I'll get a haircut soon, though! Perhaps next week?
It'll be my first haircut at a salon ever, I've always done that myself, and before I could, my mother did, haha.
But I got convinced on getting it done professionally, to have a good base, get some layering done, and, well, revive my hair.
It hasn't been cut at all for a year or something.
I actually was planning to do this two months ago, but my hair was in such bad shape (oh, peroxide <3), I was afraid I'd loose all my precious hair to the cutting crazy hairdresser!
So two months of serious haircare later, I'll do it!

( I don't know why I label some stuff with gyaru. I guess it's in lack of a better label.)


There's still about two hours left till X-Files begin (damn swedish television and airing the good shows so late!)
So, let's blog!

When reading this entry over at Universal doll, I realized how little I have planned what to bring with me to Japan!
Like, bras! When I went to Japan earlier this spring, I wanted to look for a bra, but they were all too small for me, and now my bossum is bigger, so I already have problems finding bras in Sweden.
Also, deodorant, I had no idea? I'm not a big sweater, but still, I want a deodorant that does something more than just smells good.
I'm considering getting a curling iron before I go too, just because I really want a special one from Babyliss, haha.
Bleach is something my mother'll get to send to me, since I'm afraid japanese bleach would kill my hair so bad.
Lenses I've already decided to bring a year supply of, just because the ones I use now is so handy, you put them in, forget about them, and a month later you just take them out!

Well, atleast I'll get a new travel bag!
The one I use regulary is really small, and the one I used when visiting Japan weighted like 5kgs when empty! I've seen one at Åhlens, that is huge and pink, and really lightweight!

(This isn't the one)

06 August 2009


With the economic problems out of the way all of a sudden,
(a knight in shining armor appeared)
I can focus on the fun problems with Japan!

gyaru magazines!
I'll buy them, especially koakuma ageha on a regular basis,
but, a challenger appears! The boy I'm with gained a sudden interest in my ageha magazine last week.
What if he takes all my magazines? This is a serious problem!
Of course, it's awesome that he's interested, I was planning to sneak in some Mens Egg in his apartment, but, I too want to read my ageha!

Ah, I feel so relieved, getting to worry about small things.

05 August 2009


It just hit me like a struck of lightning.
I'm moving to Japan next month.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry!
I would never, ever, in a million lightyears, thought this a year ago.
Hell, not even 6 months ago.
But yet, here I am, stressing about finding fundings, about to move.
It's a dream come true, and I can't believe it's really happening.

All thanks to a song.
Without that song, by that band,
I wouldn't have written to that boy years ago,
I wouldn't have met up with him at concerts,
and then finally, about a year ago,
visit him and fall in love,
and do my absolute best to make this happen, now.

As the universe works in mysterious ways,
me and that boy will see that band in october,
perhaps even hear that song.
In Japan, after all those years.

I owe Art-School so much.