07 August 2009


There's still about two hours left till X-Files begin (damn swedish television and airing the good shows so late!)
So, let's blog!

When reading this entry over at Universal doll, I realized how little I have planned what to bring with me to Japan!
Like, bras! When I went to Japan earlier this spring, I wanted to look for a bra, but they were all too small for me, and now my bossum is bigger, so I already have problems finding bras in Sweden.
Also, deodorant, I had no idea? I'm not a big sweater, but still, I want a deodorant that does something more than just smells good.
I'm considering getting a curling iron before I go too, just because I really want a special one from Babyliss, haha.
Bleach is something my mother'll get to send to me, since I'm afraid japanese bleach would kill my hair so bad.
Lenses I've already decided to bring a year supply of, just because the ones I use now is so handy, you put them in, forget about them, and a month later you just take them out!

Well, atleast I'll get a new travel bag!
The one I use regulary is really small, and the one I used when visiting Japan weighted like 5kgs when empty! I've seen one at Åhlens, that is huge and pink, and really lightweight!

(This isn't the one)

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