07 August 2009

Nails, 'n.. stuff!

The X-files still haven't started. (It's airing laate)

Picture of my nails for the hell of it!
I like them!
They're nothing special, but still awesome.
The awesomeness doesn't shine trough the photo, though,
in real life they're alot more glittery and stuff, lilac x pink~

I really want to get some new nails, and new extensions, but I've putten all that on hold until Japan, I mean, what's the point of pouring out a lot of money on doing it here in sweden(by yourself), when you can get it a 100times better and cuter in Japan, for cheaper, and at a salon?

I'll get a haircut soon, though! Perhaps next week?
It'll be my first haircut at a salon ever, I've always done that myself, and before I could, my mother did, haha.
But I got convinced on getting it done professionally, to have a good base, get some layering done, and, well, revive my hair.
It hasn't been cut at all for a year or something.
I actually was planning to do this two months ago, but my hair was in such bad shape (oh, peroxide <3), I was afraid I'd loose all my precious hair to the cutting crazy hairdresser!
So two months of serious haircare later, I'll do it!

( I don't know why I label some stuff with gyaru. I guess it's in lack of a better label.)

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