31 August 2009

WALL OF TEXT, and some pictures!

Oh, haven't updated in quite some time.
But, don't think I've been lazy! Au contraire!
I've done a hellalot. Or atleast some stuff.
I had a real powerday last monday, dropped my laptop in for service, went to the dentist (I have fab teeth, btw.), and went to the optician! Got myself a year supply of lenses, and a new pair of glasses!
The glasses haven't arrived yet though, but I'm expecting them to come anyday now, and I will surely show them off!
They're like a newer and a bit more modern version of my old blackrimmed nerd-glasses.

My homeboy came here too, so surely I've had my bit of slacking,
but being with him is a fulltime job sometimes, I've made so much Club Sandwiches this week I don't know when I'll be able to look at one again without feeling fatigue. My mother made club sandwiches the day he arrived, and he fell in INSTALOVE, so I've mastered the art of Sandwich making now.

We went to see a swedish hiphop act Saturday, that were playing here, and that night was insane.
It involved a really drunk finnish man, some even drunker skinheads, some policemen, afterparty with the "Band"(do you call hiphopduos a band?), and being seriously afraid of one of their crewmembers, a big black guy that constantly hit on me. Damn.
Good times.

In the spirit of DOING stuff, I'm chilling now, and started doing bracelets.
Need to get some more of them, I seriously blacked out for a moment, and ended up with 12 bags, but.. there's.. so.. much.. more...

PEARLS! PEARLS! I adore the little keys!

Ah, dice-pearls! <3

O btw, it's just 27 days left until Japan now. Yeah man!

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