29 April 2012

Dat picture post

In Uppsala now for the first time since NYE, I really like this town...
Strangely enough I will not celebrate walpurgis night in Uppsala(which is officially/unofficially dubbed the place to be at that time haha), but instead go to Stockholm.. Well, that'll be fun too!
And I'll return to Uppsala later this month anyway!

Uh, well! Pictures from the last couple of weeks coming up!

1) my friend surprised me with a super filled Easter egg which he continuously refilled in secret making me think I had gotten a *~magic~* egg, haha. 2) random bathroom shot. 3) collars 4) souvenir my friend and his sister got for me in London 5) awesome pin I found at a second hand shop!

14 April 2012

Picture time!

I'm not kidding when I say I don't do anything at all. I mean, obviously I do things like maybe watch the TV, read a magazine or something similar, but in reality I live a very isolated life in this village. Going grocery shopping or to the doctor is starting to feel as you know, winning a million at the lottery or something, haha. Ohgodi'msobored.

But I take pictures!

So this post will have some of that.

I actually watch my plants grow. Yeah.

I take pictures of the cats. You don't even wanna look into my phone, it's 95% pictures of the cats. This is Sixten.

I find stuff! Like this Swimmer watch that I had almost forgotten completely.

I tie bows on wedding invitations.

I photograph the shelf above my bed. The picture isn't crooked, my room is slanting. Yeah.

I take pictures of my things.

And I sit quietly for half an hour staring at does.

13 April 2012


All I'm doing lately is thinking about superficial things, but I think it's better if I do that right now really, haha.

Anyway, presented in just one image! An outfit from the other day, the new leggings I found on sale, and the pattern on a trunk I got off an auction site that I intend to use for travel, I'm so tired of my wheelie :(

05 April 2012

Maybelline fitme

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a set of make up from maybellines new fit me series!
When I tried it out in a shop I was so happy, because it was the exact same color as the maybelline foundation I used in Japan! It's the first time maybelline releases some rather pale foundations in Sweden!

Anyhow, yesterday the package finally came! Foundation, powder, concealer and a matching rouge!
Super nice, seeing how I'm about to run out of my current ones haha

04 April 2012

April outfit

Today is quite a good day! It finally stopped snowing, and things are starting to get sorted out. By the looks of it, I'll move south soon!
Also, I'm finally starting to see some results of my weight loss!

And I love love love this sweater! I got it on sale at H&M for a great price, and it has both mohair and angora in it = super soft, and perfect for cold spring days.