14 April 2012

Picture time!

I'm not kidding when I say I don't do anything at all. I mean, obviously I do things like maybe watch the TV, read a magazine or something similar, but in reality I live a very isolated life in this village. Going grocery shopping or to the doctor is starting to feel as you know, winning a million at the lottery or something, haha. Ohgodi'msobored.

But I take pictures!

So this post will have some of that.

I actually watch my plants grow. Yeah.

I take pictures of the cats. You don't even wanna look into my phone, it's 95% pictures of the cats. This is Sixten.

I find stuff! Like this Swimmer watch that I had almost forgotten completely.

I tie bows on wedding invitations.

I photograph the shelf above my bed. The picture isn't crooked, my room is slanting. Yeah.

I take pictures of my things.

And I sit quietly for half an hour staring at does.

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