27 May 2010


My 100th post on here~


First of all, today was great! After spending 4 hours in school with a serious headdache because Keigo is SOO hard, I went out with Malin and Ylva for some park hanging and cocktail drinking! (On a Thursday? Oh my!)
In baba there's a really nice izakaya right next to my school, cocktails are 413yen each, and after 23 you get 5hour Nomihodai for 15ooyen! And the staff is so so so great!
We ended up ordering 12ここどこ? (+ some others), but really, the name is so great. It means "Where is this?".

And, of course, mandatory purikura!

Eyes of huge.

Also, last week Malin, Martin and Ylva went to Disneyland with their school, and being awesome friends, they brought back some stuff for me!

Marie Passport-case, Metal candy box, face masks, and a phone strap!
(Huge Marie of doom in background)

(The review of the lenses has to wait since my camera and laptop wont work togheter :( )

22 May 2010

cute coffee

Hence the cute packing, not very good.
Berrys and mocha doesnt work too well.

21 May 2010

Meak Shopping~

Ah! Hello again!

Today theres finally sun again, it was raining so much yesterday I started to consider building a boat!

Anyway! The other day my lenses finally arrived! Bought them through PinkyParadise.com , and I'm later going to write a post about it, with pictures on the lenses on, and telling you why you should get them from Pinky Paradise, haha~

Sneak Peak!

Also, I went and did some shopping too~ 2 cardigans from Uniqlo(to die for, they are so thin and perfect for summer!), sunglasses(finallyy), nailpolishes and two pairs of shoes! Just one pair going to get showed off, though:

Bonita, 1995yen

Tonight I'm gonna stuff myself with cake at Sweets Paradise! If I survive the sugar chock I'll be back tomorrow~

20 May 2010


will update properly this weekend if i manage to get my laptop to work with me!

here, a picture of a carousel!

13 May 2010

Thunder Dolphin

I rode this today, at tokyo dome city! Thats a 80Meter drop for ya! Crazy times!

Thunder dolphin (-.-)y-~~~

11 May 2010

Tokyo Dome City!

Today, after school me and some other people went to eat, as a belated celebration of Sabrina who's birthday was yesterday. After the meal, we went to Tokyo Dome city!

Even though it was raining, and because of that everything was closed/closing, we still managed to go on some attractions!
My favorite was the simulator, "Tokyo Rush Panic" or something like that. And it was by far the most advanced simulator I've ever gone on! It was moving along some rails, and was in 3d! Reaaally cool.

Most of the time we were just standing in some kind of fountain with lights in it, getting wet to the bone... Haha.

Also went on a truly spaced out attraction, Pixie Cups. Basically the good ol' Tea Cups, but on mushrooms. Think neon lights, strange music, your own prerecorded voice morphing, and some staff playing tambourine and flute. All while spinning. Round and round.

The only true thing! Popping Shower!

Unfortunatly, Burma the fat Birma ate it all..

(If you've noticed a slight quality improvement it's because I realized my cellphone camera has a Digital Camera setting.)

09 May 2010


Insane, it's so, so, so, warm right now. I'm not used to this kind of heat, ever.
I mean in Sweden, a really warm summerday is 25degrees celsius. And now it's May, not even close to the hottest time, and 30degrees!

Couldn't survive it without always carrying one of these with me:


Left: 100yen shop's 2010 collection
Right: Closet Child
Bottom: Harrrrooo Kittayy

08 May 2010

Oh, speaking of nothing

Just wanted to write a line or two about the fact that people are actually.. Like. Reading this.
It's cool, and I'm really happy about it. The followers of this blog steadily rises, and so does the visitors.

November '09(starting of the statistics and serious start of the blog), I had 49 visitors.
April '10 I had in total 383 visitors, and one week into May, so far 110 people have stumbled in.

I'm aware that most followers of my blog have their own really popular and big blogs with numbers exceeding mine greatly, but that doesn't stop me for being really happy about this :3

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it. <3

All numbers are indicating unique visitors.

So we meet at last

Today was time for another concert! Was about to write that it was the first one in a while, but then realized that I actually went to Cyber just earlier this week.

This time it was COSMO-SHIKI @ Koenji High, his first Oneman!
I admit not really knowing much about him and his soloproject, since I'm mainly interested in his band Shinjuku Gewalt, and his companions sideproject FLOPPY(Since Sharaku, one of my biggest idols is also a part of it.)
Well, regardless, it was a great live, even though it was noticable that he wasn't really that sure of what to do with ALL THE TIME. Oooh, all the time. Allll the time, just being there at his hands, wich resulted in ridicilously long MCs, in one he even called a friend. Yeah, for real.
It was hilarious at some points, but even the japanese who understood all things being said seemed kind of bored at some points.
Got to hear one of the best covers of Smells like teen spirit I've hever heard though, so I am pleased.

Before the live we walked around(for hours) in Kouenji, due to us being mistaken for it starting earlier.
Visited both SPANK! and Ticket to darling, the latter wich has eluded me for quite some time, but I found it today. Although for the untrained eye(haha) they seem the same, I say I prefer TTD, since it's more pastels, and more soft.
Speaking of the SPANK world, I saw the blogger FashionHayley quite randomly by Kouenji station. Mmmkay I thought it was really cool! Spent some moments gawking.

Tickets, that proved to suck.
We were seriously among the 5 last people out of 200 to be let in.

Tribute to my friend Malin.

Trufax. I love pins and stickers(withrobotsomfg!).
Reaaally look forward to adding more.

And tomorrow it's Shibuya, to see ADAPTER.! Good times!
How am I supposed to fit in studying for my achievement test?

07 May 2010

Rain rain go away

So, first day in school after Golden Week. Supposed to be yesterday, but, alas, I was sick.
Made it up with going up early and heading for Harajuku with Ylva and Malin, for some pre-school shopping. (I ended up with 3 pairs of socks!)

It's a rainy day, and as a result everyone's mood seems to be in the gutter, atleast mine.

So, instead; Puri!
Me and Ylva obviously have a completly diffent way of seeing school.
I wrote "2 cool 4 school"(blatant lie in my case)
while she wrote the more optimistic "back 2 school"

06 May 2010

Oy vey

Home from school, 'cause of a cold of flippin doom.
(Protip: don't do that. Go to school even if you're legs are cut off. Atleast in Japan. This day home from school is going to land me in trouble.)

So, spending the time trying to be as productive as can be, feeling guilty for being home.
That means, listening to Hey Willpower, painting my nails and trying to perform easy house chores(folding clothes, bringing the dishes to the sink etc). Nothing works really well.

It always feels so stupid having a cold when it's really warm, and right now the badness of my cold and the fantastic weather really match, it's 30degrees celsius right now!

Puri from last Saturday
Malin, Shouta
Yours truly, Ylva
Ah, yeah, it's the kanji for "Niku"(meat) written on my forehead.

If someone could just show up with some cake it would be great.
I'd really appreciate a summery one with whipped cream and strawberries.
Preferably with moshed bananas inside!

01 May 2010



Okay, so. But woah. I've never actually managed to make curls, and today they just came(along with the curling iron, of course), without any hazzle at all. Around 20 minutes, and I'm a beginner!
I never ever have an actual hairstyle, my top is usually to maybe put my bangs on the other side, to spice things up, haha.

Oh, and as you might see I tried the "Popteen way of makeup", i.e, no eyeliner under the eye.
I usually don't pull of superlong eyelashes, but with this style I think it kinda worked?

Will hopefully be able to do a outfit picture, this hair is looking marvelous with my anclelenght vintage dress.

Oh Snap!

Lolitas, beware.
They're going for your title as the Keeper of the Headeating Bow.

(All pictures from the latest Popteen issue)