27 May 2010


My 100th post on here~


First of all, today was great! After spending 4 hours in school with a serious headdache because Keigo is SOO hard, I went out with Malin and Ylva for some park hanging and cocktail drinking! (On a Thursday? Oh my!)
In baba there's a really nice izakaya right next to my school, cocktails are 413yen each, and after 23 you get 5hour Nomihodai for 15ooyen! And the staff is so so so great!
We ended up ordering 12ここどこ? (+ some others), but really, the name is so great. It means "Where is this?".

And, of course, mandatory purikura!

Eyes of huge.

Also, last week Malin, Martin and Ylva went to Disneyland with their school, and being awesome friends, they brought back some stuff for me!

Marie Passport-case, Metal candy box, face masks, and a phone strap!
(Huge Marie of doom in background)

(The review of the lenses has to wait since my camera and laptop wont work togheter :( )

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  1. MARIE!!!! I have that Marie passcase. I use it everytime I go to Disney or TDS ♥ I love that fabulous cat!

    The puri is so cute! Silly faces are the best in puri. I often look like a gangsta in mine LOL