06 May 2010

Oy vey

Home from school, 'cause of a cold of flippin doom.
(Protip: don't do that. Go to school even if you're legs are cut off. Atleast in Japan. This day home from school is going to land me in trouble.)

So, spending the time trying to be as productive as can be, feeling guilty for being home.
That means, listening to Hey Willpower, painting my nails and trying to perform easy house chores(folding clothes, bringing the dishes to the sink etc). Nothing works really well.

It always feels so stupid having a cold when it's really warm, and right now the badness of my cold and the fantastic weather really match, it's 30degrees celsius right now!

Puri from last Saturday
Malin, Shouta
Yours truly, Ylva
Ah, yeah, it's the kanji for "Niku"(meat) written on my forehead.

If someone could just show up with some cake it would be great.
I'd really appreciate a summery one with whipped cream and strawberries.
Preferably with moshed bananas inside!

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