21 May 2010

Meak Shopping~

Ah! Hello again!

Today theres finally sun again, it was raining so much yesterday I started to consider building a boat!

Anyway! The other day my lenses finally arrived! Bought them through PinkyParadise.com , and I'm later going to write a post about it, with pictures on the lenses on, and telling you why you should get them from Pinky Paradise, haha~

Sneak Peak!

Also, I went and did some shopping too~ 2 cardigans from Uniqlo(to die for, they are so thin and perfect for summer!), sunglasses(finallyy), nailpolishes and two pairs of shoes! Just one pair going to get showed off, though:

Bonita, 1995yen

Tonight I'm gonna stuff myself with cake at Sweets Paradise! If I survive the sugar chock I'll be back tomorrow~


  1. OM NOM CAKE! Me want!

    Intrigued by the lenses. Get a pic up soon!

  2. Adorable shoes, and yay for pinky paradise ^_^