11 May 2010

Tokyo Dome City!

Today, after school me and some other people went to eat, as a belated celebration of Sabrina who's birthday was yesterday. After the meal, we went to Tokyo Dome city!

Even though it was raining, and because of that everything was closed/closing, we still managed to go on some attractions!
My favorite was the simulator, "Tokyo Rush Panic" or something like that. And it was by far the most advanced simulator I've ever gone on! It was moving along some rails, and was in 3d! Reaaally cool.

Most of the time we were just standing in some kind of fountain with lights in it, getting wet to the bone... Haha.

Also went on a truly spaced out attraction, Pixie Cups. Basically the good ol' Tea Cups, but on mushrooms. Think neon lights, strange music, your own prerecorded voice morphing, and some staff playing tambourine and flute. All while spinning. Round and round.

The only true thing! Popping Shower!

Unfortunatly, Burma the fat Birma ate it all..

(If you've noticed a slight quality improvement it's because I realized my cellphone camera has a Digital Camera setting.)

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