08 May 2010

So we meet at last

Today was time for another concert! Was about to write that it was the first one in a while, but then realized that I actually went to Cyber just earlier this week.

This time it was COSMO-SHIKI @ Koenji High, his first Oneman!
I admit not really knowing much about him and his soloproject, since I'm mainly interested in his band Shinjuku Gewalt, and his companions sideproject FLOPPY(Since Sharaku, one of my biggest idols is also a part of it.)
Well, regardless, it was a great live, even though it was noticable that he wasn't really that sure of what to do with ALL THE TIME. Oooh, all the time. Allll the time, just being there at his hands, wich resulted in ridicilously long MCs, in one he even called a friend. Yeah, for real.
It was hilarious at some points, but even the japanese who understood all things being said seemed kind of bored at some points.
Got to hear one of the best covers of Smells like teen spirit I've hever heard though, so I am pleased.

Before the live we walked around(for hours) in Kouenji, due to us being mistaken for it starting earlier.
Visited both SPANK! and Ticket to darling, the latter wich has eluded me for quite some time, but I found it today. Although for the untrained eye(haha) they seem the same, I say I prefer TTD, since it's more pastels, and more soft.
Speaking of the SPANK world, I saw the blogger FashionHayley quite randomly by Kouenji station. Mmmkay I thought it was really cool! Spent some moments gawking.

Tickets, that proved to suck.
We were seriously among the 5 last people out of 200 to be let in.

Tribute to my friend Malin.

Trufax. I love pins and stickers(withrobotsomfg!).
Reaaally look forward to adding more.

And tomorrow it's Shibuya, to see ADAPTER.! Good times!
How am I supposed to fit in studying for my achievement test?

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