30 July 2012

Everybody get's a second in the sun

The Kent concert this Saturday was awesome! I haven't seen them since 2008 when I saw them with my mother! The great thing about Kent is that there aren't a specific group of people listening to them, it becomes really apparent how big and widely loved they are when you are standing in queue for their concert. There's old grandmas, little kids, suits, indie kids, people wearing nothing but leather and spikes, girls with Chanel bags, in other words, a really diverse group of people, all loving the same band.
They have been said to be the band that captures the mind of a Swede, so I guess that's why.

Anyway! I got a surprise when I came to the entrance, the free ticket I had proved to be a VIP ticket! I didn't use "my priviledges" though, since as I understod it was just free champagne and standing in the VIP section, which was at the far back on a hill. But it still felt pretty sweet having the pass.

It'll be hanging looking smug in my room from now on.

And I finally went ahead and bought myself a t-shirt! I generally don't like band shirts because they are always made in that heavy cheap cotton with really tiny neckholes(and it's men sizes, but I have a hard time seeing a man get his head through that hole), but they were offering soft cotton shirts! Still men sizes though, so of course it turned out to be huge.

During the last song suddenly a combination of pyrotechnics, confetti and fireworks started!
The fireworks lasted long after the band had left the stage, and all in all it was all just so beautiful.

28 July 2012

Kent concert!

Kent ("Swedens biggest rockband") is playing in Uppsala, and thanks to a sudden turn of events I can go! The tickets were really expensive so I didn't even bother, and planned to just sit outside and listen, since the concert is taking place outside Uppsala Castle.
But! Yesterday my faux Grandpa called, and told me he had put me on the list for Uppsala Castle employee + family! So I get to go, for free! But then again, I did work there for two weeks(as Warden of the Castle) when I was 14, so I guess it's all as it should be.

Anyway! Super excited!
(Never heard of Kent? Listen here, here and here(English))

 Outfit and "facelook"(is that a real expression? Swedish bloggers use it all the time but I think it sounds a bit off.). I'm back to wearing falsies again! And I have no idea why I chose to wear my rattiest tackiest harley davidson t-shirt with holes all over it from being old, but oh well! 

And on an unrelated note, here's my new sunnies! Found them in Gothenburg in some kind of 100yen-ish danish shop!

25 July 2012

Gothenburgh O'Hoy

So, last Wednesday I hopped on the train with my friend Gabi to go to Gothenburg, for a chance to spend some time with our friend Zara before she goes off to Korea!
It was my first time in Gothenburg, and man oh man, the city! I really really enjoyed it there, and it was in overall just so.. pleasing to the eye. I'm an architecture geek, so all the beautiful houses just pulled my heart strings.

We went to an island a bit outside of Gothenburg, Marstrand, visited Liseberg(a theme park) and Universeum(zoo/museum/thingy) and walked and walked and walked around the city.

14 July 2012

Wedding bells

So, yesterday was the second reason why I visited mom, some friends to the family got married! I don't do well in these kind of social situations, but it was rather nice, and I borrowed my cousins DSLR to take some photos for the bride and groom, thus taking on the roll as "photographer" rather than guest, and got to be left quite alone(because people hate cameras haha).
But I don't mean to sound negative, I was really happy to be invited, and we got delicious food and it was really wonderful seeing them beam together.

What I wore for the occassion! Quite blurry but I was in kind of a hurry.
/Rhyme master

 Wedding cake! Woop woop, there were five of them, ranging from big to small. 
They looked better than they tasted, haha.

Out of respect I don't wanna publish any face pictures, but man, look at the brides hair
Fo reals! I don't care much for strange bridal updos(they tend to look rather tight), so thiis, thiis, so much thiis. I'm so jealous of her hair it's unbelievable! It's all her own hair, too! 
Disregard my excellent editing skillz.
One of the most beautiful bouquets I've seen to date!
The groom kept joking about how he had to insert the diamonds in the leeks when he planted them four years ago, and patiently wait for them to bloom. All without his wifes knowledge! Haha

11 July 2012

Recent outfits

Been quiet over here, but then again, I haven't really been doing anything but resting.
Up north right now though, because of a family reunion last saturday, and a wedding the day after tomorrow!
Family reunion was kinda meh, mainly because I don't know anyone of my relatives, except the closest ones(grandma, uncle, cousin).. I did get to meet my second cousin though, who I hadn't seen since we were 8.

Anyway! I haven't been doing much, but I do have some outfits to post!

My new buffalos! I found the on a swedish auction site and I can't believe nobody else bid on them! I got them for a whopping 100sek + shipping, which is AWESOME considering that plain black ones usually end up around 500sek! Woop woop! 

I was just going to the grocery store but thought "Hey, I haven't been outside for days, let's get dressed properly".

 Aaaand here I was actually going outout.
We went to some bar/thing that had a karaoke stage. I didn't sing myself, but it was fun watching other people do it, haha