30 July 2012

Everybody get's a second in the sun

The Kent concert this Saturday was awesome! I haven't seen them since 2008 when I saw them with my mother! The great thing about Kent is that there aren't a specific group of people listening to them, it becomes really apparent how big and widely loved they are when you are standing in queue for their concert. There's old grandmas, little kids, suits, indie kids, people wearing nothing but leather and spikes, girls with Chanel bags, in other words, a really diverse group of people, all loving the same band.
They have been said to be the band that captures the mind of a Swede, so I guess that's why.

Anyway! I got a surprise when I came to the entrance, the free ticket I had proved to be a VIP ticket! I didn't use "my priviledges" though, since as I understod it was just free champagne and standing in the VIP section, which was at the far back on a hill. But it still felt pretty sweet having the pass.

It'll be hanging looking smug in my room from now on.

And I finally went ahead and bought myself a t-shirt! I generally don't like band shirts because they are always made in that heavy cheap cotton with really tiny neckholes(and it's men sizes, but I have a hard time seeing a man get his head through that hole), but they were offering soft cotton shirts! Still men sizes though, so of course it turned out to be huge.

During the last song suddenly a combination of pyrotechnics, confetti and fireworks started!
The fireworks lasted long after the band had left the stage, and all in all it was all just so beautiful.

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