09 August 2012

Beige wednesday

Yesterday I went out to grab a coffee with a friend! I'm feeling rather isolated while my flatmates/people I rent a room from/uh are away, the lucky bastards are in Japan on vacation! Ah, the flame of jealousy! But luckily enough I get to grab coffee with friends, and another friend spent the weekend here! I finally got a chance to see the Botanical Garden here in Uppsala, which I believe was started by none other than Carl Von Linné(You know, the guy that pretty much named every flower in the world.). It was quite nice, and they had a very overpriced coffeeshop. I forgot my camera that day, though.

Anyway! What I was really talking about, yesterday. Here's what I wore!
And look, I even attempted something with my hair! Spent a day watching youtube tutorials for frenchbraids until I finally found one that wasn't super speeded and going "This hair over that hair over thiis hair over that hair over there!" but instead kinda slow and pedagogic. Nice.

Oh well!

 Pulled a bitchface here, but thankfully there's paintbrushes for that! 

Oh! And my face! In another resolution than instagrams. Don't mean to look grumpy, the corners of my mouth are chronically pointed downwards, even when I smile. :( this smily shows what I look like when I'm happy.

I'm quite happy to have succeeded in doing something with my hair tho. I have supercrazy fine and soft hair, so, yeah. *whine*

In retrospect, I see that I went a bit wild on the blurring.. Hmm.

I hope your weather is as cold as mine! Autumn is just around the corner!


  1. You're really pretty :) I really like your outfit as a whole and you did a good job with your hairdo :) So do I get tired over watching super complex youtube videos about hairdos XD Why can't anything ever be simple? x)

  2. Super pretty outfit:)