17 August 2012

These boots were made for walkin'

(Haven't I made another entry with the exact same title? Go go imagination!)

Autumn is finally coming! All summer I've been waiting, patiently, biding my time. But now it's just around the corner! No more wasps, no more strong sun, no more hellish temperatures! I guess I'm quite transparent with my feelings about summer. The only nice thing is the midnight sun!

But, with autumn comes colder weather, and thus, boots!

I picked these two up today!

I've been eyeing the brown chelsea boots for some time, and they had a members only sale (just 50SEK, but anyway), so I thought it was time to strike!
I was originally planning to buy a pair of wellington boots, but unfortunatly my size had sold out in the style I wanted (pink with roses!), so I went for these black suede boots instead. Needed another pair of "easy everyday shoes", that I could bike in.. Uh, biking in heels..

All that's left now is for autumn to come! Some yellow leaves have already fallen! 


  1. I love the black shoes. <3 Very stylish

  2. I like the black ones too :) And I can't wait for autumn * -- *