26 January 2010

martin went to the tokyo edo museum with his school today.
after that i almost broke the door when coming home early from school(in my feverish delerium i thought i had managed to lock the chain from the outside this morning).
i got a present! sweet flower candy!

well, going back to being sick now...

25 January 2010


Since my Annoying Aunt Therma is on visit(for you who haven't watched the show "IT Crowd", my.. uh. lady week.), I'm craving chocolate like a mad man.
Eating loads of it.. And.. Drinking it!

Suntory has released a chocolate soda!

Weird thing is, it doesn't taste like poo, it actually tastes like.. chocolate.. Weird.
Real chocolate... For you that have tasted Ghana's Milkchocolate, it tastes EXACTLY like it, only in liquid carbonated form!

17 January 2010

Smoker's style~~

Sooo.. Today, we went to Akiba. I don't really fancy that place, but anyway.
Got a Mosburger strap.. Bought a new brush at donki..
Ate kebab.


Jacket: H&M
Camisole: Vero Moda
Cardigan: Gina Tricot
Skirt: Some.. takeshita doori shop?
Bag: Liz Lisa
Shoes: Red Shoes

16 January 2010

Todays findings:
the tale of benjamin bunny
The tale of mrs.Tittlemouse
inu no kotoba jiten


14 January 2010

First day of spring term!

So, today school started again after a three week break!
Felt nice being back, and see Josephine for the first time in almost a month!
Some people had gone to other classes, and there were some new faces, but basically we were the same people.
Feels a bit empty without Osan, one of the chinese guys, very nice guy, who spoke very good english and japanese.

Also, went to Harajuku, no buys though, except for some drugstore needs, deo and stuff.
Snuck around Laforet, looked into Nile Perch.. God I love that store. I want everything! I'll get a necklace some day though, since they are kinda cheap~ For being nile perch.

My extensions finally arrived, ordered some from a swedish store, since I haven't found anything light enough here in Japan~

In order to spice things up, pics from when me, Ylva and Malin (and Martin) went out the other day

Me and Malin, I'm looking deliciously shiny.

Mogisan and Masumi, bartenders of Current

Pictures are from Ylva, and only two because on most of them Ylva is in, and she didn't want them published, haha

11 January 2010

Making up!

So, been a bit off.. Again..
The reason? This:

A new shiny PSP and the game Youkoso Hitsuji Mura(Shepherds Crossing).

Oh, the time I've spent! But I'm so happy for it, I have really wanted a portable console, and finally I have <3>

Also, this Saturday (the ninth) we finally went to a concert that was completly in my taste.

Don't misunderstand me, I really enjoy concerts with bands like Hitotsume, Rainman, and so on, and I get all giddy by Cult Fiction, but it's not necessarily my thing.
My boom is rather bands like... Sandwich de 120pun?(the question mark is a part of the name) wich we went to see this saturday! Extasy! I'm a big Eijifan (vocalist), and loved all the stuff he's done since Makaroni-days(way back). It maybe sounds wrong to say "oh I love Eiji's bands!" but, really, all his bands sounds the same, and NOT in a bad way! My favorite band of his is Himitsu Kessha Codomo A(something along the lines of "Secret Agency Children A"), that has since long disbanded. But thankfully, Eiji and one of the guitarists, Takken, formed their own Label "Toketsu Kuma" in wich they let their silly ideas flourish. They also renamed themselfves to "Retasu"(Salad) and Hamu(Ham).
Anyway, we saw them! And I need to see tham again and again and again and again.

I bought an awesome trucker cap:

Next time I'll be seeing them is probably at Eiji/Retasu's 35year anniversary concert, wich has a gazillion weird rules I don't quite understand. Buying your tickets trough lawson costs 2000yen. Buying your ticket at the door costs 35000000yen! They also have other rules, like, all business men from India comes in for free, if your parents own a curryshop, you come in for free, if you have blonde hair, glasses and is under 35, free there too. It's probably a joke or something, but I still think it's funny, there's seriously a A4page filled with rules!

As, some might know, I am a huge Marie fan, and buy pretty much everything related to her. I have an army of plushies(lead by the epically superbig Marie from Disneystore), pens, erasers, mugs, socks, wallets, earphones, etc etc.

The newest add to it, was bought today at book off!

Yeah that's right! Marie, THE ALBUM.

It's brilliant, it even has a white furry slipcase! On it is 13 Aristocats remixes/inspired songs/etc, by various artists. First song is "everybody wants to be a cat" remix of the japanese version.

It's so funky I can barely contain myself, all jazzy and french but in such a japanese way!

WOT, ovar.

06 January 2010


Ah, so, yesterday was eventful. Or something! (but fun!)

Started out with two guys from Yamada Denki, coming to deliver our new TV that we in secret bought last Sunday.

Keeping it a secret, I later went out togheter with Malin and Ylva to eat some Kaiten(Rollerband sushi, the food goes round round round), and there we found the most delicious piece of sushi to be invented!! Shrimp, with something that really looked like bearnaisesauce, but didn't at all taste like it. But it was heavenly. I also managed to get the most poorly tapped beer ever, I kid you not, 5centimeters of foam? (I don't drink green tea, so when at those places I mainly order what they have, beer.)

Hence, Purikura!

After I left to prepare the TV for Malins surprise (Me and Martin decided to surprise here with a "hey wanna come over and see a film/play videogames? :D"), I heard that Ylva and Malin took more Puri, and dedicated one for me! As soon as proof exist, I'll post it everywhere! I am the greatest. walrus. etc.


When we all had came home, the TV was set up, be watched The Corpse Bride, played Super Monkey Ball, and I fell asleep while Malin and Martin played One Piece Battle Treasure(?), it's like Mario Party but with One Piece, anyway~~

I'm sick :'( So I'm gonna try and use the fact that I'm not naturally platinum blonde and try to turn on the gamecube to play chibirobo. (No, i've actually never had to do that yet. Spoiled and blonde. What a stereotype.)

04 January 2010

Crappy update

Uhoh, no updates in a while.
Busy times. Lot's of stuff going on.

Quick rundown:
  • Celebrating an awesome Swedish christmas
  • Gone to concerts, OZ, Cult Fiction, and a random event(where I found a new favorite band, MiU)
  • Saw the movie "Avatar" in 3D. Unfortunatly the jibberish parts was only subbed to Japanese
  • Spent new years eve with Martin and Malin, stuffing ourself with Shakeys buffé, and watching the movie "Robots" <3
  • Saw the movies "Nine" and "Toys", too.
  • Ordered new weft. So as soon as it comes, I'll hopefully be more up to.. living.
  • Bought too much Liz Lisa stuff. Gawd.
Right now I'm really sick..

But here, have an old outfit pic!