06 January 2010


Ah, so, yesterday was eventful. Or something! (but fun!)

Started out with two guys from Yamada Denki, coming to deliver our new TV that we in secret bought last Sunday.

Keeping it a secret, I later went out togheter with Malin and Ylva to eat some Kaiten(Rollerband sushi, the food goes round round round), and there we found the most delicious piece of sushi to be invented!! Shrimp, with something that really looked like bearnaisesauce, but didn't at all taste like it. But it was heavenly. I also managed to get the most poorly tapped beer ever, I kid you not, 5centimeters of foam? (I don't drink green tea, so when at those places I mainly order what they have, beer.)

Hence, Purikura!

After I left to prepare the TV for Malins surprise (Me and Martin decided to surprise here with a "hey wanna come over and see a film/play videogames? :D"), I heard that Ylva and Malin took more Puri, and dedicated one for me! As soon as proof exist, I'll post it everywhere! I am the greatest. walrus. etc.


When we all had came home, the TV was set up, be watched The Corpse Bride, played Super Monkey Ball, and I fell asleep while Malin and Martin played One Piece Battle Treasure(?), it's like Mario Party but with One Piece, anyway~~

I'm sick :'( So I'm gonna try and use the fact that I'm not naturally platinum blonde and try to turn on the gamecube to play chibirobo. (No, i've actually never had to do that yet. Spoiled and blonde. What a stereotype.)

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