04 January 2010

Crappy update

Uhoh, no updates in a while.
Busy times. Lot's of stuff going on.

Quick rundown:
  • Celebrating an awesome Swedish christmas
  • Gone to concerts, OZ, Cult Fiction, and a random event(where I found a new favorite band, MiU)
  • Saw the movie "Avatar" in 3D. Unfortunatly the jibberish parts was only subbed to Japanese
  • Spent new years eve with Martin and Malin, stuffing ourself with Shakeys buffé, and watching the movie "Robots" <3
  • Saw the movies "Nine" and "Toys", too.
  • Ordered new weft. So as soon as it comes, I'll hopefully be more up to.. living.
  • Bought too much Liz Lisa stuff. Gawd.
Right now I'm really sick..

But here, have an old outfit pic!

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