27 April 2011

Liz Lisa Chambre á coucher x Ghana

Earlier this month I read in Pop Sister that Liz Lisa and Ghana were supposed to do a collab, and finally they have come!
For 980yen you get a mini tote bag(2 version) + a bar of Ghana chocolate.
Just bought one version, but I will get the other one too, haha. Can't help myself when it comes to these things.

Roses, ribbons and Eiffel tower print~

Chambre á Coucher sticker

Instructions on what to do with the cardboard inside.

Wich makes a pretty envelope for the piece of Ghana chocolate!

23 April 2011

Mavala nailpolish

Bought yet another nailpolish today. My nails have suddenly grown up or something, before they broke in an instant, but recently they've become rather strong, and because of that, rather long wich have made me buy nailpolishes like a madman.

The Vivienne brooch is to pimp my jeans shorts.

20 April 2011

Masuwaka Tsubasa for Nissen

When I was in Harajuku the other day I picked up a copy of the Nissen catalogue, it's one of those catalogues where you can basically order anything.
Anyway, when flipping through it I found that none other than Tsubasa was in there modelling for the "mommie and daughter" special sets.

Click on the picture for huuge versions


Book shopping

Yesterday I went bookshopping with a friend, oh how I've missed it.
There's a great used bookshop in Takadanobaba that sells english books.
Got hold of a novel collection with Robert Louis Stevenson, Journey to the centre of the earth by Jules Verne and after looking for it in two countries for one and a half year Fight Club. My roommate wont allow me to watch the movie until I've read the book for reasons only he knows, haha.

I enjoy to buy books second hand, I don't mind that they are worn out, it makes me feel connected to other people who's loved them as much as I do.

19 April 2011

Rejoice in the glory of the jeans shorts

So, anyone who's been around me for the last year or two knows that there's one thing I've been obsessing about, one thing that I've had my eyes on, and not just the usual "I want this!" but in the "I need this to be able to survive this cold world!!"-kinda feeling. Yes, that dramatic.
Jeans shorts. This country has been mocking me about it. What do girls wear in summer time? Jeans shorts. But here in Japan it's also autumn winter and spring. Everywhere I go, there they are!
But alas, not having the booty of a japanese girl I've been unable to find a pair of my liking or size(who likes muffin top anyway?).

Until yesterday. The lights shone down at them when I walked into Forever21, angels sang.
Not really but omg I found a pair thats just the right size, and at the amazing flabbergasting price of 1050yen!


Quite a long entry for a pair of jeans shorts, but I guess we've all been there.
That thing, might it be a piece of clothing, accessory or perhaps a food product,
that's become your white whale. And when you finally get it, what other seems appropiate than to rejoice?

16 April 2011


Today we took a trip over to Ameyoko(market street from Ueno to Okachimachi). It's always fun going places you're not used to, and Tokyo's so big theres like a million of those places.

Anyway, I found something I've been lusting for a really long time,
a silver ring with amethysts!
Finally it's mine!

15 April 2011

New dress + woot woot!

Managed to fix gimp into english (my computer is in japanese so many programs installs themself with japanese language setting, wich can be quite frustrating, especially with programs I know nothing about.)

Anyway, it's fixed, here's a terribly edited picture of the new dress + shirt set I bought today(1870yen at Shimamura!)

This also means I'm going to try and put togheter a header and make something out of this blog, at last. First I need to try and understand the damn program, tho.

Strange things happen

You know, you think you have things figured out, that you have a grip on how things work, but alas, you learn something new!

Since Saturday I've had like a strange itching and redness, and no idea what was going on at all, not experienced it before. So today I finally went to the hospital, and voila, it's an allergic reaction. Not so strange, right, seems right. The strange thing is that I don't have any allergies. But according to the doctor it's quite common that people without allergies get allergy symptoms from time to time.

So in true japanese fashion I got a bunch of meds and got told to that if it didn't clear in two weeks I should come back.

The antihistamins are making me sleepy so I just wanna crawl into bed and watch X-files.

Here, have some dancing FBI agents!

14 April 2011

Lounge legends

What do I do nowadays, no school, no job, in Tokyo?
I lay at home. Every single day.
I could say that I'm lounging about at home listening to yeye artists and enjoying life & practising my french but even though it's true it would probably make you have a much more elegant image in your head, than my sweat pants and flannel wearing self actually am. But please do!

To my excuse I can atleast say that I've been sick pretty much nonstop for a month now.

But yesterday I braved out in order to eat with a couple of friends in order to say good bye to another friend who's moving away for some time.

I have been planning to take thousands of sakura pictures to send my mother(she loves 'em), but alas, I have myself only seen the one on the way to the konbini basically.
Being sick sucks.

12 April 2011

Awesome surprise concert

For a few weeks now my roomie had been bugging me about this upcoming concert.
Telling me we really really should go, and that he thought I'd really really like the band.
He never told me the name though, or gave some more info than "they play with other bands you like!".

So yesterday we went to Ruido K3 in Ikebukuro for this "secret" live where I found out the band name was へーけ(Hke). Didn't ring any bells. However, in the queue I was thinking "What a diverse fanbase!" since there were both young people and reaally old people and all that.
When we got in he immediatly said "let's go to the merch table!", and there were 2 CDs, an armthingy and some chekis(polaroids).
"Look closer at this CD, check the track list!" I did. Kotani Kinya covers. Wtf I thought. Looked closer. "Remixed and mastered by RIU" ..

Yeah! The live my roomie had kept so secret for me for so long was infact the second live of my biggest idol of all time, RIU(ex. Metronome, MaitoreiA).

Jikes! I grinned like this: ^___________________^ the entire evening.

So へーけ? It consists of Riu on bass, Kotani Kinya(you read right!) on vocal, Takefumi from Filter Fish on guitar and a support drummer I really recognize. Since they're so new they mainly play anime covers, Kotani Kinya covers and.. metronome covers!

This isn't a live report since I suck at that, but. At the first encore, noneother than Fukusuke showed up in casual clothing drinking a beer, hurridly changing his name to Korosuke to match the others (Kotani Kinya's bandname is: 平の怒っ涛 The raging waves of the plains, Riu's 平の奇天烈 The strange thing from the plains and Takefumi is チャイナの焼飯 China's fried rice for short Dottou, Kite & China)

It was.. so really awesome.. Best thing in a long time and you can BET I'll be there for their upcoming lives too!

06 April 2011

Recent gets

Recently I've been buying alot of stuff.. Comfort shopping I guess. Haha
Here's some new things, and sorry if y'all tired of just reading about stuff I bought, heh.

New bag! Recently I've been having to switch bags all the time since I didn't have any good bag for all kinds of uses, but now I finally have it! Have been looking for a nice leatherbag for a while now, and this is just the perfect size for all occassions except maybe school.. Wich I don't have anymore, so all good!

Mum went abroad a while ago and bought this taxfree. It's my favorite perfume, and also the first perfume I ever bought. Usually celebrity perfumes suck, but this doesn't, and is Eau de Perfume! (EdT usually has a weird chemical undertone I can't stand..)

New skirt! Realized a couple of months ago that I don't really have a lot of skirts, wich is weird since I mainly wear dresses or skirts.. So whenever I find a cheap and nice one(this was 700yen!) I jump it.

Aaand my new bow, from a 100yen store.
Considering buying another one and make it an actual bowtie, instead of schooluniformbowtie.

04 April 2011

Outfit and such

My mind's a blank after this weekend that ended at 4AM this monday morning. Not going to school or working have made me into a vegetable.
Gonna photo some new stuff tomorrow, got a carepackage from my mother. (Chocolates and stuff to make me look good, haha)

(blurry picture ahooy)
Going out on Saturday I wore this. I have no idea why I choose leggings, but I've been freezing like crazy lately so I'll blame that I guess. Would've been better with OTKs.
Oh btw I'm totally digging the preppy style nowadays, I'm basically living in that blazer! Form-fitted jackets are awesome for my figure. I got rather obvious hourglass shape along with broad shoulders, so it compliments me.

I love the bowtie. Got it at a 100yen store!
Oh, yeah, and I've completly reverted to bathroommirror pictures. Think it's some kind of age crisis again.