15 April 2011

Strange things happen

You know, you think you have things figured out, that you have a grip on how things work, but alas, you learn something new!

Since Saturday I've had like a strange itching and redness, and no idea what was going on at all, not experienced it before. So today I finally went to the hospital, and voila, it's an allergic reaction. Not so strange, right, seems right. The strange thing is that I don't have any allergies. But according to the doctor it's quite common that people without allergies get allergy symptoms from time to time.

So in true japanese fashion I got a bunch of meds and got told to that if it didn't clear in two weeks I should come back.

The antihistamins are making me sleepy so I just wanna crawl into bed and watch X-files.

Here, have some dancing FBI agents!

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