27 April 2011

Liz Lisa Chambre á coucher x Ghana

Earlier this month I read in Pop Sister that Liz Lisa and Ghana were supposed to do a collab, and finally they have come!
For 980yen you get a mini tote bag(2 version) + a bar of Ghana chocolate.
Just bought one version, but I will get the other one too, haha. Can't help myself when it comes to these things.

Roses, ribbons and Eiffel tower print~

Chambre á Coucher sticker

Instructions on what to do with the cardboard inside.

Wich makes a pretty envelope for the piece of Ghana chocolate!


  1. This is really adorable, I just had to tweet @ your post. Love the eiffel tower print ♥

  2. Www this is so cute! I' d love to jet one! lizlisa plus chocolate, That's the best idea everrr x3

  3. holy shit! this is genious! :D