14 April 2011

Lounge legends

What do I do nowadays, no school, no job, in Tokyo?
I lay at home. Every single day.
I could say that I'm lounging about at home listening to yeye artists and enjoying life & practising my french but even though it's true it would probably make you have a much more elegant image in your head, than my sweat pants and flannel wearing self actually am. But please do!

To my excuse I can atleast say that I've been sick pretty much nonstop for a month now.

But yesterday I braved out in order to eat with a couple of friends in order to say good bye to another friend who's moving away for some time.

I have been planning to take thousands of sakura pictures to send my mother(she loves 'em), but alas, I have myself only seen the one on the way to the konbini basically.
Being sick sucks.

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