12 April 2011

Awesome surprise concert

For a few weeks now my roomie had been bugging me about this upcoming concert.
Telling me we really really should go, and that he thought I'd really really like the band.
He never told me the name though, or gave some more info than "they play with other bands you like!".

So yesterday we went to Ruido K3 in Ikebukuro for this "secret" live where I found out the band name was へーけ(Hke). Didn't ring any bells. However, in the queue I was thinking "What a diverse fanbase!" since there were both young people and reaally old people and all that.
When we got in he immediatly said "let's go to the merch table!", and there were 2 CDs, an armthingy and some chekis(polaroids).
"Look closer at this CD, check the track list!" I did. Kotani Kinya covers. Wtf I thought. Looked closer. "Remixed and mastered by RIU" ..

Yeah! The live my roomie had kept so secret for me for so long was infact the second live of my biggest idol of all time, RIU(ex. Metronome, MaitoreiA).

Jikes! I grinned like this: ^___________________^ the entire evening.

So へーけ? It consists of Riu on bass, Kotani Kinya(you read right!) on vocal, Takefumi from Filter Fish on guitar and a support drummer I really recognize. Since they're so new they mainly play anime covers, Kotani Kinya covers and.. metronome covers!

This isn't a live report since I suck at that, but. At the first encore, noneother than Fukusuke showed up in casual clothing drinking a beer, hurridly changing his name to Korosuke to match the others (Kotani Kinya's bandname is: 平の怒っ涛 The raging waves of the plains, Riu's 平の奇天烈 The strange thing from the plains and Takefumi is チャイナの焼飯 China's fried rice for short Dottou, Kite & China)

It was.. so really awesome.. Best thing in a long time and you can BET I'll be there for their upcoming lives too!

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