15 April 2011

New dress + woot woot!

Managed to fix gimp into english (my computer is in japanese so many programs installs themself with japanese language setting, wich can be quite frustrating, especially with programs I know nothing about.)

Anyway, it's fixed, here's a terribly edited picture of the new dress + shirt set I bought today(1870yen at Shimamura!)

This also means I'm going to try and put togheter a header and make something out of this blog, at last. First I need to try and understand the damn program, tho.


  1. cute I also found a similar dress at forever21 but it was like 27ish dollars D: and didn't include a shirt toppp

  2. Fan vad nice! 8D

    Jag gillar verkligen när man kombinerar lång klänning med kort långärmad top! Så fint! :D