19 April 2011

Rejoice in the glory of the jeans shorts

So, anyone who's been around me for the last year or two knows that there's one thing I've been obsessing about, one thing that I've had my eyes on, and not just the usual "I want this!" but in the "I need this to be able to survive this cold world!!"-kinda feeling. Yes, that dramatic.
Jeans shorts. This country has been mocking me about it. What do girls wear in summer time? Jeans shorts. But here in Japan it's also autumn winter and spring. Everywhere I go, there they are!
But alas, not having the booty of a japanese girl I've been unable to find a pair of my liking or size(who likes muffin top anyway?).

Until yesterday. The lights shone down at them when I walked into Forever21, angels sang.
Not really but omg I found a pair thats just the right size, and at the amazing flabbergasting price of 1050yen!


Quite a long entry for a pair of jeans shorts, but I guess we've all been there.
That thing, might it be a piece of clothing, accessory or perhaps a food product,
that's become your white whale. And when you finally get it, what other seems appropiate than to rejoice?

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