06 April 2011

Recent gets

Recently I've been buying alot of stuff.. Comfort shopping I guess. Haha
Here's some new things, and sorry if y'all tired of just reading about stuff I bought, heh.

New bag! Recently I've been having to switch bags all the time since I didn't have any good bag for all kinds of uses, but now I finally have it! Have been looking for a nice leatherbag for a while now, and this is just the perfect size for all occassions except maybe school.. Wich I don't have anymore, so all good!

Mum went abroad a while ago and bought this taxfree. It's my favorite perfume, and also the first perfume I ever bought. Usually celebrity perfumes suck, but this doesn't, and is Eau de Perfume! (EdT usually has a weird chemical undertone I can't stand..)

New skirt! Realized a couple of months ago that I don't really have a lot of skirts, wich is weird since I mainly wear dresses or skirts.. So whenever I find a cheap and nice one(this was 700yen!) I jump it.

Aaand my new bow, from a 100yen store.
Considering buying another one and make it an actual bowtie, instead of schooluniformbowtie.

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  1. that skirt is super cute!!! & 700 yen!? wtf? lucky girl :D