27 July 2010


Yesterday we celebrated my friend Ylva's birthday, she turned 20! Hooray!
Here's a pic:

Sorry, but I haven't been able to sleep for two nights now, so my mind is soggy.
My body is hurting so bad, but it feels a bit better, my friend Martin won a giant pastelcolored centipede at taito, that I'll snuggle in with now.

25 July 2010


There's opened a brand new Donki in Ikebukuro!
Before we've only had a small Picasso (Picasso is like the minimart of donki) ,
so of course we had to go in!

Sucky picture, but they had those fancy "rain"-lights on the building.
6floors of goodness, finally in my neighbourhood!

Due to their opening they had some good prices,
these were marked down from 714yen, to 298yen, till finally 199yen!

Why I bought them? This.
My once so fancy phone that didn't need deco, is falling apart.

Gonna post some pictures of my "new" phone as soon as I'm done with it. Just done the backside yet. Hopefully I'll go buy Shibuya some day and buy some random bigger pieces to glue ontop of the sheets :D

Oh, btw, in 5 days I'm leaving for Sweden, on vacation!

22 July 2010

Yay summersale!

Went to Harajuku today with my good friend Malin!
I was on a hunt for some nice shorts, since.. Well, I really needed a pair.

I didn't really stay for long and just went to TopShop and H&M, because I didn't feel like searching the gal stores for a pair of shorts, it'd just be torture, seeing that there's no way I'd fit in them.
I have a bottom the greek would die for. Ehurm. Or the Harajuku Africans.. Haha.
Let's leave it at that.

Anyway, first store was TopShop, and, there I found them! The awesome shorts of win!
I was instantly bummed out by the price tag, which stated that the price was 9500yen.
Booh. But instantly got happy again when I noticed the sales tag that stated that the price had been marked down with 7400yen! So I got them for just 2100!

Took the chance to walk past H&M and buy two camisoles(and some strange stockings), and a mint colored studded bracelet at Paris Kids. The whole thing ended up on 3400yen. Totally okay for me!

The shorts are kinda short(haha.), I'm used to skirts this short, but.. shorts? That's something new.
I'm currently dropping in weight, so hopefully I'll be able to feel more confident in them soon!

And, two really terribly low quality pictures of the items!

The shorts! They look really short, and kinda are,
but it's still okay, and especially with some good stockings.

The least uninteresting thing from H&M,
the other things were really plain., haha.

Oh, and just as a sidenote. I've been oogling these shoes from Topshop lately,
and oh my they're even more pretty in real!
The price tag is not so pretty, though..

21 July 2010


Not intending to make this a housewife blog, but holy sh-!
Around 2kgs of bananas for 380yen!
I'll never talk badly about Shin-Okubo again!

Going on a shorts quest to Harajuku tomorrow, will hopefully update with fancy things afterwards!

20 July 2010

100yen spree

In the spirit of working on detailed nails, I splurged on yen nailpolishes, haha.
Some nice colors, all of them aren't really my everyday colors, but I thought it's always handy to have a big selection to choose from!
Sometime soon I'm gonna check out and hopefully buy Tsubasa Masukawa's nailpolishes, I'm really up for some nice new pink, mint and lavender polishes. A baby blue one wouldn't hurt neither! Okay prices on the collection too, 525 yen! It's even cheaper than Mavala!

19 July 2010

Hot hot hot

Such eventless days! It's too hot to think, or for that matter do anything. During this long weekend (Today was a holiday), I've been rereading the Otori Triology. And painting my nails, haha.

When going to the Supermarket today I walked past a magazine shop, and this time I couldn't not buy PopSister. I've been eyeing it everytime I've walked by, since the September Issue just looks so.. welcoming right now!
I've been going towards a darker look now ( I always do when I think I weigh too much), so I really felt like getting some inspiration on how to dress darker but avoiding looking like a metalhead or such, haha.

Was really happily surprised by it, really great coordinations in my opinion, and a nice mixture of styles. The fact that Tsubasa Masukawa has the same hair lenght as me also gave me some ideas on how to style my hair!

The fact that Tsubasa is wearing a Blondie T-shirt on the cover is also a plus!

I'm off to paint my nails again, and to continue watching V The Final Battle.
This time I'm going for light blue / light pink stripes. Just because the clothes are dark doesn't mean you can't accessorice with pastels, haha.

18 July 2010


When I was younger my mother and me used to paint our nails in all kinds of patterns and pictures. Especially my mother is really talented at painting with toothpicks, and making really nice lines and all that.
However, by some reason I haven't really done anything with my nails for years, apart from painting them in one solid color. When I've wanted to spice things up, I've bought premade falsies.

However, last night I decided it was time to start again!
I'm so rusty about it though, but I'm still really proud over how it turned out!

Painted a Union Jack on my index fingers :D

Haha, it looks so messy and bad, but it looks a lot better in real.

10 July 2010


Been in a bit of a slump lately, so that's why there haven't really been any updates.

since moving to Japan I haven't really tried out any candy, I just stuck with chocolate or gelé.

But today I tried something new, for just 100yen I had the chance to make my own... strange.. candy. With melonsoda flavor!

Tadaa! This is one wicked awesome package.

In the package was a plastic bowl, and three bags of powder.
The first one was white, but when adding water it turned yellow.
The next step was to add the second bag of powder, wich was blue, and after mixing them the goo turned green!
The third bag contained colorful dipping powder!

Finished product.

Didn't.. really taste that awesome.

03 July 2010

Trees & legs

No ground breaking news lately.
Well, apart from me going to Sweden on vacation if everything works out as planned!
I'll go and arrive the 30th July and will be back the 13th August.

August seems like it's goin to be fun and foresty, since I'll go to Sweden, and my mother have moved to a village up in the north, and when I come back I will go with some friends to a cottage in the forest of Japan, somewhere around Nagano :D

I'm really happy about going to Sweden on vacation, since I've missed my family and friends quite alot.
I'll be going to three places, Uppsala(For my best friend), Sundsvall(for my father) and a village(for my mother and step dad), I'm going to eat so much I'll die.

My style's been experiencing some changes lately. I still wear pink and cutesy items, but I've started mixing in some more mature things. Maybe not mature in everyone's eyes, but compared to the piggytail-girl I was just a couple of years ago. I'm now looking like a grownup!
I no longer resent black and try to keep it away from myself, but welcome it a bit more, trying to do something more edgy.

The neverdying legtrend of Japan, black leopad tights,
now on Emelie's legs!
Also, the neverdying foottrend of the entire world, converse,
featured on Emelie's feet!

01 July 2010

Scarves and views

Went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment observatory today with some friends.
Basically it's the same deal as Tokyo Tower (get ridicilously high up in the air and watch the view), but for free! First time I ever been that high up in my life, wicked!
Unfortunatly it was cloudy so you couldn't see so well, but still fun!
Didn't take any pictures though.
I really recommend it!

My style's taking off in a different direction lately, all I wanna wear is big t-shirts and sheer black tights, haha, topped off with my new converse shoes.
Tried a scarfe today(my friend Malin is a scarf-o-holic, stole one of her millions)..
Dunno really. Unfortunatly my hair was was acting on it's own accord today, since I accidently put conditioner in it.
Looking grumpy as usual.
The t-shirt is pure love though, it's from Agyness Deyn & Emily Deyn for Uniqlo.
It's long as a dress and so nice.