25 July 2010


There's opened a brand new Donki in Ikebukuro!
Before we've only had a small Picasso (Picasso is like the minimart of donki) ,
so of course we had to go in!

Sucky picture, but they had those fancy "rain"-lights on the building.
6floors of goodness, finally in my neighbourhood!

Due to their opening they had some good prices,
these were marked down from 714yen, to 298yen, till finally 199yen!

Why I bought them? This.
My once so fancy phone that didn't need deco, is falling apart.

Gonna post some pictures of my "new" phone as soon as I'm done with it. Just done the backside yet. Hopefully I'll go buy Shibuya some day and buy some random bigger pieces to glue ontop of the sheets :D

Oh, btw, in 5 days I'm leaving for Sweden, on vacation!

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