01 July 2010

Scarves and views

Went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment observatory today with some friends.
Basically it's the same deal as Tokyo Tower (get ridicilously high up in the air and watch the view), but for free! First time I ever been that high up in my life, wicked!
Unfortunatly it was cloudy so you couldn't see so well, but still fun!
Didn't take any pictures though.
I really recommend it!

My style's taking off in a different direction lately, all I wanna wear is big t-shirts and sheer black tights, haha, topped off with my new converse shoes.
Tried a scarfe today(my friend Malin is a scarf-o-holic, stole one of her millions)..
Dunno really. Unfortunatly my hair was was acting on it's own accord today, since I accidently put conditioner in it.
Looking grumpy as usual.
The t-shirt is pure love though, it's from Agyness Deyn & Emily Deyn for Uniqlo.
It's long as a dress and so nice.

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