18 July 2010


When I was younger my mother and me used to paint our nails in all kinds of patterns and pictures. Especially my mother is really talented at painting with toothpicks, and making really nice lines and all that.
However, by some reason I haven't really done anything with my nails for years, apart from painting them in one solid color. When I've wanted to spice things up, I've bought premade falsies.

However, last night I decided it was time to start again!
I'm so rusty about it though, but I'm still really proud over how it turned out!

Painted a Union Jack on my index fingers :D

Haha, it looks so messy and bad, but it looks a lot better in real.

1 comment:

  1. I think you did a great job, it looks really good! I wish I could paint that well XD