22 July 2010

Yay summersale!

Went to Harajuku today with my good friend Malin!
I was on a hunt for some nice shorts, since.. Well, I really needed a pair.

I didn't really stay for long and just went to TopShop and H&M, because I didn't feel like searching the gal stores for a pair of shorts, it'd just be torture, seeing that there's no way I'd fit in them.
I have a bottom the greek would die for. Ehurm. Or the Harajuku Africans.. Haha.
Let's leave it at that.

Anyway, first store was TopShop, and, there I found them! The awesome shorts of win!
I was instantly bummed out by the price tag, which stated that the price was 9500yen.
Booh. But instantly got happy again when I noticed the sales tag that stated that the price had been marked down with 7400yen! So I got them for just 2100!

Took the chance to walk past H&M and buy two camisoles(and some strange stockings), and a mint colored studded bracelet at Paris Kids. The whole thing ended up on 3400yen. Totally okay for me!

The shorts are kinda short(haha.), I'm used to skirts this short, but.. shorts? That's something new.
I'm currently dropping in weight, so hopefully I'll be able to feel more confident in them soon!

And, two really terribly low quality pictures of the items!

The shorts! They look really short, and kinda are,
but it's still okay, and especially with some good stockings.

The least uninteresting thing from H&M,
the other things were really plain., haha.

Oh, and just as a sidenote. I've been oogling these shoes from Topshop lately,
and oh my they're even more pretty in real!
The price tag is not so pretty, though..

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you could get those shorts for a good price. They are super cute by 9500 y for shorts? Wow!

    And this => mint colored studded bracelet at Paris Kids, I got that this week too! I know just what piece you mean, that's so awesome!

    And congrats for loosing some weight! Atleast the Japanese summer is good for something haha^^