03 July 2010

Trees & legs

No ground breaking news lately.
Well, apart from me going to Sweden on vacation if everything works out as planned!
I'll go and arrive the 30th July and will be back the 13th August.

August seems like it's goin to be fun and foresty, since I'll go to Sweden, and my mother have moved to a village up in the north, and when I come back I will go with some friends to a cottage in the forest of Japan, somewhere around Nagano :D

I'm really happy about going to Sweden on vacation, since I've missed my family and friends quite alot.
I'll be going to three places, Uppsala(For my best friend), Sundsvall(for my father) and a village(for my mother and step dad), I'm going to eat so much I'll die.

My style's been experiencing some changes lately. I still wear pink and cutesy items, but I've started mixing in some more mature things. Maybe not mature in everyone's eyes, but compared to the piggytail-girl I was just a couple of years ago. I'm now looking like a grownup!
I no longer resent black and try to keep it away from myself, but welcome it a bit more, trying to do something more edgy.

The neverdying legtrend of Japan, black leopad tights,
now on Emelie's legs!
Also, the neverdying foottrend of the entire world, converse,
featured on Emelie's feet!

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