19 July 2010

Hot hot hot

Such eventless days! It's too hot to think, or for that matter do anything. During this long weekend (Today was a holiday), I've been rereading the Otori Triology. And painting my nails, haha.

When going to the Supermarket today I walked past a magazine shop, and this time I couldn't not buy PopSister. I've been eyeing it everytime I've walked by, since the September Issue just looks so.. welcoming right now!
I've been going towards a darker look now ( I always do when I think I weigh too much), so I really felt like getting some inspiration on how to dress darker but avoiding looking like a metalhead or such, haha.

Was really happily surprised by it, really great coordinations in my opinion, and a nice mixture of styles. The fact that Tsubasa Masukawa has the same hair lenght as me also gave me some ideas on how to style my hair!

The fact that Tsubasa is wearing a Blondie T-shirt on the cover is also a plus!

I'm off to paint my nails again, and to continue watching V The Final Battle.
This time I'm going for light blue / light pink stripes. Just because the clothes are dark doesn't mean you can't accessorice with pastels, haha.

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  1. It really is a good issue of PopSister, lots of rock and grunge sorts of looks. Not sure if I want to splurge on it tho^^