14 January 2010

First day of spring term!

So, today school started again after a three week break!
Felt nice being back, and see Josephine for the first time in almost a month!
Some people had gone to other classes, and there were some new faces, but basically we were the same people.
Feels a bit empty without Osan, one of the chinese guys, very nice guy, who spoke very good english and japanese.

Also, went to Harajuku, no buys though, except for some drugstore needs, deo and stuff.
Snuck around Laforet, looked into Nile Perch.. God I love that store. I want everything! I'll get a necklace some day though, since they are kinda cheap~ For being nile perch.

My extensions finally arrived, ordered some from a swedish store, since I haven't found anything light enough here in Japan~

In order to spice things up, pics from when me, Ylva and Malin (and Martin) went out the other day

Me and Malin, I'm looking deliciously shiny.

Mogisan and Masumi, bartenders of Current

Pictures are from Ylva, and only two because on most of them Ylva is in, and she didn't want them published, haha

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