17 August 2009

Money money money

I'm in a small village in the north of Sweden, visiting my mother and her husband.
Usually I get really tired of this place, and really fast, but for some reason that isn't happening this time.
I've been here for about 4 days, and I'm still not clawing the walls and wanting to get out of here!

It's really good for my economy, though!
I don't pay for anything, cigarettes, booze, food, and other stuff I want/need, they buy it for me.
Also, since drinking beer is a very popular thing to do in your free time here,
there's a LOT of cans! And, well, here in sweden, you recycle them and get money back(I was surprised to learn that sweden is one of the few countries that have that system.).
So, I've "pantat"(recycled for money) about 600 cans yet, wich has given me about 300SEK(roughly 4000yen), and tomorrow I'll do the last sacks of cans, which will give me a total of about 600SEK(~7000yen).
Not bad for like, half an hour of work, spread out on 5 days!

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