24 June 2012

Recent snaps

Uh, long time no update! I got a cluster of different personal problems, ranging from disappointments to medical emergencies(nothing too serious), so I've been on bed rest / just not really up to anything lately. I'm still feeling rather shitty, and I just caught a cold to top it off, haha. Why do bad things always come in clusters?

In the meantime here are some snaps from the last two weeks. I hope I'll be back on the horse soon.

My mother came down to care for me, and I got this bag as a get well present! And for Midsummer I tried to gussy up.
For entertainment I've read lula and crocheted roses.
Snap from my desk, and my best friend Gerard! //dork

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  1. This hairstyle looks really good on you :) If I wasn't such a coward when it comes to cutting my hair, I'd totally choose this style >.<"