21 July 2011

New stuff!

Finally, some new glasses! My old one broke some days ago, so I promptly went to buy new ones.
A friend recommended Zoff, and I will too recommend it. Cheap(mine were 5250 incl. everything!), and super fast, 40 minutes after choosing I got my glasses, and easy, just write down your name and telephone number. 


I know they're huge, but thanks to that I think they go greatly with any style. Hipster/vintage, fashionista, gyaru, even grandma-style, a style I rocked when going to the konbini this morning.

Also, as you might notice, my hair is a bit lighter. Not what I was aiming for, but well, I'll roll with it.

Oh and lastly. Went to Shibuya yesterday(first time in ages!) with my roomie Martin, decided to go buy H&M for purely patriotic reasons, and stumbled upon 100yen sales stuff! No idea why I bought the red tights, but hey, 100yen!

Discovered 2 months ago that I'm sensitive against nickel. Thankfully, H&M's jewelry are all nickel free!

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