25 July 2011

Shimamura, you beast.

Went to Takadanobaba today with my friend Malin, for Shimamura and the freshly opened Donki.
I finally got my hands om some collartops! (although the navy one is from a shop in Nakano, and is a dress), a nice airy chiffon skirt(with dots! and pleats! and width!) and the best of all, a flowerprint bag. Been eyeing these kinds of bags for quite a while now, and also wanted a bigger bag. I found one at Shimamura, where it hung high over my reach. Fortunatly Malin is taller than me and she managed to knock it down, along with some dust. How long had it been there?

Over at Donki I found the Diamond nose shadow-set that was released a couple of months ago, seriously, it's been sold out everywhere since! I've looked high and low for it, but finally I found it. Hopefully this long wait is gonna be worth it! 

If you want to see the pieces one by one, check out my pupe!

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