27 June 2010


So! Yesterday we celebrated swedish Midsummer!
Good day, all in all!
Allthough, I passed out, another of my friends passed out(in a bush! Damn japanese people.), Ylva lost one of her rings yet again, and it rained. But good times it was!

A sidenote: Do never invite Japanese people to "I have never"-games. They don't seem to know the boundaries for it. Thanks to the japs that participated, I have some pretty terrible images in my head that will never go away. Huh.

I did bring my camera, but, of course I managed to forget taking any pictures, damn. I had charged the thing and everything! Oh well, another time. Gonna try get better on taking pictures in general, kinda dull just seeing purikura here, no?

But here are some more puri, just in case you aren't!

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