15 June 2010


Went to Shibuya for the first time in ageees, and things have chaaangeed!
The Mcdonalds at Sentagaai is now by some reason transformed into a McCafe, with a no smoking sign.
What is that madness about?
The youngsters there showed what they thought about it by smoking and putting the fire out on the tables.. Hard times..

Bought some random things while there too, amongst others a T-Shirt from uniqlo by Agynes Dyne x Emily Dyne(?)

Crazy big eyes.



  1. jag känner igen tjejen där!! :OO

    men va ere för epic jäva fail ide att göra mcdonals rökfritt!??!??! gaaah

  2. WTF No smoking?!? Not even on the second floor?! OMG How are you supposed to look at young boys and kogals destroying their health. UNFAIR D:

    Love the puri though ♥♥♥

  3. Manda: Du menar Sofia? XD

    Haha, ja! Pallafaktor 3000 liksom :(

    Mitsu: I know, it really sucks. As a smoker that McDonalds was really my sanctuary around there :/ Sit, smoke, AND drink! Whoot.