22 June 2010

Dream within a dream

So, my dream for a plenty years have been to move to Japan. Live here, feeling the groove.
When that dream was fulfilled, I quickly realized that I needed another dream within my dream to be able to stay here, since I needed something to do, something to work for.
I could just take a shitty job somewhere and be able to stay, but that feels kinda pointless, no?

But today it came to me! I want to go to University! It's something I've never actually been thinking of doing before, just maybe for the grades, but not felt passionate about, until today.
Found out there's a campus/uni called Hachiouji, about an hour away from Tokyo, and.. well, it was just perfect. My dream(apart from being a robot-scientist) is to work with design, and Hachiouji just have like.. 98329482 different types of design fields to choose from.
I'll be working my ass off from now on to be able to go there.

I mean. Just look at it.

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  1. oooh häftigt ställe du hittat där! GAMBATTE <3<3