28 November 2009


I want a joob..
I have my permit for a part-time job, but.. the rules!

"Pre-College students are not allowed to work at the places listed below.

Ex) dance clubs, night clubs, cafés/bars/restaurants with a brightness of 10-lux and under. A business related to gamble(mahjong, pachinko), billiard clubs, aesthetic salons, nude theaters, love hotels, adult goods shops, video/DVD rental shops, adult phone-chats, distribute flyers etc."

Really, what's the deal with Mahjong?

Haha, but no, I can understand most of them, but like. why not aesthetic salons? Isn't that hairsalons and stuff? And the light-limit? How do you do that? "I'd love to work here, but does your brightness exceed 10-lux?"

I love how our school ends the paper with rules with:
"We are sure your new life in Japan is so challenging and tough but you have your precious futures and dreams. School is always here to help and support you to reach your own goals in Japan"

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  1. ...Sorry, but I can't really say anything else than what the fuck?