23 November 2009

It's... alive!!

So, my computer decided about a month ago that, dying, that's a fun thing.
The computer I use now is.. questionable, at best, so that's why I haven't updated.

Anyway. for 58 days I've been living on this godforsaken islandin Japan, and well, things are smooth. Just recently I've been starting to noticing that we actually learn things in school, since I'm understanding things said to me.
I've even learned to notice when people are speaking to me, not just speaking in my direction(like shopstaff do)

The other day, we went on a classtrip! Good times, good times.

I dont know what to write.. it's hard to write on this thing..

As it looks, I'll soon have a new shiny computer (if you know a good one, please tell!), and a wicked camera(already found one), so i could make awesome picture posts.



  1. ur back in blogland!! me happy :3

  2. -_______- Is it the third or fourth time that computer has died on you? In, what, a year?

  3. billy: 4th. Im mad beyond words :(