28 November 2009


Okay, really :(

Bought the latest Ranzuki today, and they had so many shorter styles in it now..

But.. I can't freaking use a curling iron, I have NO idea how to work it.

I have the length and everything for this hairstyle, but .. gah..

Does anyone know a reaaaally good curling-irons for dummies tutorial?

I have a cordless, gaspowered one, that makes weird hissing sounds and stuff, but it should be good, I guess. It's braUn..


  1. The curling technique is the same regardless of what model of curling iron you have. Just do a search on Youtube for tutorials.

  2. Really? Thank you! I'll start looking for a good one asap :D

    I really suck with everything about hair.. A hairclip is about as advanced I go >_<