23 November 2009

Picture post.. or something

So, I'm stealin Malins computer since she and Martin is doing their homework..
And her computer WORKS! yay!

Anyway.. Yesterday I went to Exist Trace's oneman live at Meguro RockMayKan, in Malins place. Her back is hurting really bad lately so I jumped in, so the ticket wouldn't be unused, and to buy her goods.
They kinda grew on me, I'm still sceptic to the singers voice, her voice really hurts my ears.. Too high..



Chupa chops x Hello Kitty x Popteen lollipop! Instawin!

My MaitoreiA chekis, I've got three of Riu! So happy ♥

At the railroadcrossing on the way to school. Sweet.

I'm a bit more dark, and hardcore as of lately. Or, not really, just pretending.

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