15 October 2010

Mejiro Japanese Garden~~

Today I finally got to go to Mejiro Japanese Garden! It's like 2 minutes away from my apartment, but the opening hours are kinda wonky, but today after school I finally got to see it!
Despite what the size looks like from outside, it feels HUGE. I guess it's the landscaping..
Snapped a few pictures of it, though! (And autumn is finally coming!)

Whipped cream pouring like waterfalls!

You see how huge it looks?? And yet on the outside it's about 50m x 50m or something.

And with autumn comes my favorite thing in japan. Kairo!
We don't have these in sweden, but it's basically small bags with some kind of carbon in them, that when you rub it starts a reaction wich makes the bag really warm (about 50C). It's perfect in the cold months~
Bought a cute Minnie Mouse Kairo cover today at Seven Eleven~

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