02 September 2010

More.. school! Woo!

Went to loft today again, because of their AMAZING sticker department!
I want everything, and if I just bought everything I wanted, I'd come out like a really poor woman and with millions of stickers without a designated place!

Anyway, bought some stickers for my new notebook, and also some school supplies~

Sexy ladies! Woo~ No really, the bottom one I just love to pieces, there's a series of them and I just want them all. Seriously considering buying the nurse one in ULTRA SIZE and put it on the back of this. (Not completed yet!)

Dividers are one of the handiest things ever, and it just get's better with cute cat ones!
Also, they reminded me so much of
Marie &
Berlioz (and random gray kitty!)

Err, strange pencilcase picture, to show off my new pen!
It looks like an ordinary pen.. but..
It's a sharp pencil! And it has the weekdays written in french!

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