29 September 2010


Went to Harajuku today with my friend Malin, and.. shopped! Woo!
Long time no see! (Not shopping like this, atleast).
Also bought a Liz Lisa lucky pack with amazing things, but the clothing'll be shown later on.
Anyway, on to thaa loooot!

Finally got myself a new perfume!
I actually didn't think I'd like this perfume, but when smelling it it..
just feels so right! It's the perfect mix of mature and young,
sexy and flowery~~

Brooch for my bag, but I think it'll go on a cardigan instead~

Simple and beautiful, rose and pearls *-*

With my darker style, studded braclets have been my number one boom, haha

Eiffeltower loove!
I've become crazy about all these eiffeltowers everywhere~

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