07 September 2010


I've decided that this month, my attendance will be 100% at school!
Go me! So I'll have some "room" for october when I'll start morning classes, haha.

Anyway, today after school I met up with Malin and we looked around Baba a bit,
went to Shimamura. It's a really good store, and everyone should visit it!
They are basically an outlet store, and carries a lot of cheap things. Bags for 1000yen, shoes for 2000yen, etc. Most things are 1000-2000yen! And it's nice looking things, so no crap!
I'm gonna go back there to buy a pair of boots I saw, and maybe a backpack.

However, my only shopping was a green/black checkered flannel shirt at uniqlo, me and malin bought the same style, but she got it in red. Will post pictures, planning to try making outfit photos.
Long time ago, and my style has changed since then!

Halfway through!
(Oh hai btw my camera works!)

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